Cuss the World2

 Set in a run-down park in Belfast, ‘CUSS THE WORLD’ follows the lives of five young teenagers whose lives are growing increasingly out of control.  Meet Jane, whose brother Peter is doing time for drug-dealing and Death driving; then there’s David and Douglas who spend time trying to avoid their violent father; next is Amy, whose 15 year old sister is pregnant and who looks like following in her footsteps; and finally Anne, whose current hobbies including getting drunk and selling prescription drugs.  Along the way, we also get to meet mothers, who share her thoughts about bringing up troubled teenagers.

‘CUSS THE WORLD’ will resonate with anyone trying to understand or come to terms with the realities of serious issues facing this generation’s young people, and with anyone who no longer doubts that drugs is an issue that cuts across class, gender, age, rural and urban communities.

Written and directed by Patricia Downey.

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